Request for Proposal: Seeking Membership Development/Fundraising Services

BizFed Central Valley is seeking Contract Membership Development/Fundraising Services. We are primarily looking for growth in the Fresno region and seeking proposals by Friday, April 5, 2019. 

Please feel free to circulate this far and wide to any interested parties. 


Request for Proposal (RFP) from the Central Valley Business Federation (BizFed Central Valley) for Contract Membership Development/Fundraising Services


BizFed Central Valley is a grassroots federation of top business associations and companies from Kern to Madera counties. Our members work together to identify key economic issues affecting business in the Central Valley and bring them to the attention of law makers and regulators. We are a unique, inclusive organization that welcomes companies, business associations and trade groups of all sizes and across all industry sectors throughout our five-county region. That diversity is what gives BizFed its power. We help our members speak with a much louder voice. BizFed CV is the first franchise of BizFed Los Angeles, which was founded in 2008 and has seen tremendous growth and had many political successes. BizFed CV began operation in Fall 2017. BizFed is a nonprofit, 501c6 organization. 


Funding Opportunity/Scope of Work:

  1. Membership development contractor shall identify and meet with potential “investor” and “association” members throughout BizFed CV’s region, with a strong emphasis on companies in the Fresno/Madera region, to gain new members.
  2. Ideal business members are employers of all sizes who create, produce, sell goods and services in California. They are typically civically active and/or understand that public polices and government entities may impact their ability to do business in our region. They care about the communities they operate in and seek a vibrant economy for the greater good of all. 
  3. Contractor’s minimum new annual membership dues goal shall be $40Kper quarter. Reaching $160k+ in a 12 month period. Refer to our standard membership options. A healthy member mix of industries, company sizes and membership levels is sought.
  4. Contractor shall also identify fundraising opportunities, such as sponsorships for BizFed CV’s Leadership Roundtable series and other special events. Consultant’s quarterly minimum fundraising goal shall be an additional $8K. Reaching $32K+ in a 12month period.
  5. In order to convey BizFed CV’s benefit to potential members, Contractor must be up to date on policy actions and BizFed’s method of serving its members. Contractor shall participate via conference call weekly with the full BizFed team, as well as monthly BizFed CV board and Advocacy calls. Contractor is always welcome to join in person if he/she prefers. Reasonable costs associated with travel to said meetings shall be reimbursed by BizFed CV.


RFP Process:

  1. This RFP represents the opportunity to be involved in the scaling up the reach and organized business voice throughout the Central. This contract will hopefully begin in April 2019 and with results achievement continue for one year.
  2. BizFed CV will negotiate a contractual agreement with the preferred consultant. By responding to the RFP the applicant understands that they will be responsible for meeting the requirements of the RFP and will execute the necessary tasks to make sure that the membership and fund raising is successfully completed. BizFed CV management reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any and all submissions/responses to this RFP. Note that the information in this RFP represents the vision of BizFed CV’s membership growth needs at this time, and is subject to change as the project moves forward.
  3. Questions: Participants may ask questions about the RFP by sending them in writing via email to [email protected].
  4. Confidentiality: All submissions will be treated as confidential between BizFed CV and each participant. BizFed CV will not disclose their contents to other participants or the general public. BizFed CV reserves the right to discuss submissions with its consultants and related parties.
  5. Contractual status: BizFed CV is not bound to accept any RFP. Participants should be aware that no contractual relationship with BizFed CV will arise upon submission to the RFP. All submissions become the property of BizFed CV.
  6. All applicants must submit the following information:
    1. Name
    2. # of employees.
    3. SBE / MBE certifications held, if any.
    4. Any BizFed member associations that you are a member of.
    5. Address
    6. Short description of service history in planning and securing members, sponsors, or general fundraising.
    7. Description of membership development/fundraising services offered.
    8. Two (2) client references, including information.
    9. Explanation and listing of all costs and fees applicant proposes to charge BizFed CV for their services.
    10. If coordinating other fundraising for nonprofit groups in California, please address any conflict of interest related to the other clients.

 RFP Schedule: 

Submit the proposal to:
Contact name: Lois Henry, Advocacy Director

Phone: (661) 204-3635

Email: [email protected] 


Twitter: @bizfedcv

Proposals must be received by BizFed via email address noted above no later than 12:00 p.m., April 5, 2019.

We will interview candidates soon thereafter and hope to enter in to a final contract by the end of April.


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